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Thursday, October 15, 2009

RV Green?

Today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day – this year focusing on climate change. Pondering the topic got me wondering, how green are we RVers? It’s something I’ve rolled around in my head for a while.

As I lumbered down the highway the other day in my F-350 a Prius zipped past me and for a moment I felt a bit sheepish about my “less than green” machine. Then I began thinking…just the sheer fact that I live in my (less than 300 square foot) RV makes me pretty environmentally friendly.

Like many full-time RVers I enjoy spending “seasons” - anywhere from two to six months – in one location. I choose temperate places where the only climate control required is an open window. Showers are short, I’ve gotten into the habit of turning off the water when brushing my teeth, and RV toilets are designed to be water-use savvy. If there’s a water leak somewhere in our lines I know it and it’s repaired on the double.

Once settled in I drive less – reducing the use of fuel, needing fewer oil and fluid changes, and lessening the tire wear both on the truck and trailer. I generally use one tank of fuel per month when I’m at a seasonal location.

Living in a small space means living with less stuff. Book exchanges are welcome sights. And after all, RVing is about experiences not things. Frankly, I’d rather spend my money on parks and picnics than tschokes and trinkets. The practical nature of our being models the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Many other full-time RVers write me saying they find they are eating and living healthier – biking, hiking, swimming, strolling the farmers market and buying local. We grill a lot –fast, fresh, and fabulous meals.

When it comes to cleaning an RV we have to be careful. Harsh chemicals can harm our plumbing systems, and destroy our sinks and counter tops. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are an RV housekeepers’ friend.

I’ve yet to meet a full-time RVer that told me the reason they hit the road was to be more eco-friendly…it just happens to turn out that way. And if that has any effect on global climate change then so be it – everyone wins!

What are your views on being green and being an RVer? Leave a comment below...we want to know...

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Loved this one... it really hit home with some things I hadn't thought of. And, as we get ready to add solar panels to our motorhome, we become even less dependant on oil/coal produced electricity.

Hope to meet you on the road one day soon,


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