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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Omega-3 Supplements Might Just Rock Your RV World

You know it's pledge drive time on PBS went perennial presenter Dr. Daniel Amen is on again with his Change Your Brain, Change Your Body program (it's a fabulous book, too) ...and I love it! After all this time I don't think I've seen the whole program so I'm usually tickled when I channel surf to it.

The other night I came upon the very beginning and heard him say that a combination of fish oil (about 1K mg/day) and 45 minutes of brisk walking 3 days a week is very effective with weight loss. Either alone is great but put them together and you'll see results in the waistline department.

With the change of seasons and this positive omega-3 news I was reminded of one of my "ah-ha" omega-3 moments. Always interested in learning about having a healthy brain and heart I came across an article in Prevention Magazine by science writer Susan Allport called 'The Vanishing Youth Nutrient'.

In this article Allport points out the difference between omega-3s (what she calls spring fats) and omega-6s (what she calls fall fats) and it made complete sense to me. A light bulb went on!

In one part of the article she writes:
It wasn't until Australian researchers showed a clear difference between membranes full of omega-3 fats and ones full of omega-6 fats - a clear metabolic difference - that I explored the seasonal aspects of these two fats. When Tony Hulbert, PhD, at Australia's University of Wollongong, determined that the metabolism of a species--every species on the planet--is a function of the amount of omega-3s in its tissues, I began to connect the dots...

It is no coincidence that hibernating animals...do not go into hibernation when their diet is full of omega-3s, as it is in the spring and summer. Their diet must change to one rich in omega-6 seeds before these animals will slow down for the winter.

It is no coincidence that animals that migrate long distances...fill up on omega-3s for their long journey. These birds know what human athletes are just starting to learn: High omega-3 concentrations in muscle membranes lead to improved performance.

Read it yourself and see what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic...leave a comment below.

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Disclaimer: This info is simply my humble opinion and I'm not a medical professional. Please consult a doctor before making any decisions about your health, health care, supplements, etc.

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