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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Organic Purple Potatoes

Strolling my local farmers market last week I came upon a fellow selling potatoes. And not just any potatoes either - purple organic potatoes. He didn't know too much about them except his wife urged him to offer them and they were big sellers.

Always interested in trying new things (I also tried kumquats that week...not for me but our park manager loved them), I bought a half dozen of the small, slick skinned, beautiful potatoes, brought them home, cut them up, ohhed and ahhed at the amazing lavender colored flesh, steamed them in my microwave and mashed them. Not only are they eye candy but they are delicious, too. A bit starchier than normal russets but tasty just the same. Tonight I'm going to cut them lengthwise and make baked french fries to serve with bbq chicken.

Look for these purple potatoes to co-star in my next RV Cooking Show - Morro Bay and California Seafood. Can't wait to share...


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