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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Words About Your RV Holidays

A while back we did an RV-spin on the Six Words Project popularized by SMITH Magazine (you can read the blog and resulting post replies here). It was a blast and I was absolutely amazed at readers creativity and engagement.

We asked you to post six word memoirs along this theme: Six Words About Your RV Life. Some RV Cooking Show crew favorites included:

  • Memories are made of this. RVing.
  • Let’s stay another day, OK Hon?
  • Why wait, let’s do it now.
  • hundreds of stories from new friends
 and a sad one:
  • And then, the open road, closed. 
I added a couple, too:
  • Loves to travel. Loves to eat.
  • Never RV’d. Sold the house first. 
Since we are in the midst of the holiday season I'm opening up a new Six Word project: Six Words About Your RV Holidays. What's your experience...are you on the road in a new place? a seasonal spot with new and old friends? wish you were traveling? can't wait to land at a family member's home? Tell us about it in exactly six words.

I'll begin by adding a couple of my own in the comments section below and will be eagerly watching this blog space and our Facebook Page for your responses. Check back for Six Word updates and have a very happy holiday!


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