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Monday, April 9, 2012

White House Petition - Support Our Troops

Most of my readers, fans and followers are active campers and RVers, folks that love the great outdoors and recognize its affect on our our well-being. Enter a non-profit group called Tents for Troops with this mission:

Tents for Troops, Creating a Place to Enjoy Life Away From the Field, endeavors to ensure that all active members of the military and their families have access to the great outdoors and the joys that only a camping/RV vacation can provide. T4T achieves this by facilitating complimentary camping/RVing experiences, two nights-two sites, through private and public entities that build lasting memories and grow the outdoor industry.

Last week Tents for Troops launched a White House petition at the 'We the People' website asking President Obama to issue an executive order compelling parks/recreation areas on all federal lands to allow free camping for active military and active reserves. They need 25,000 signatures by May 1, 2012 to elevate this request to the administration and need your help. 

This program would make a huge difference to active members of the military and their families with very little or no cost to the government. Watch this short video about the petition:

Here's how the petition reads: 

'We believe the Obama Administration should…'
Issue an exec order compelling parks/rec areas on all federal lands to allow free camping for active military, reserves.
Our troops – active members of the military and active reserves – should not have to pay in order to enjoy the federal lands they are fighting to protect.
President Obama, please issue an executive order compelling parks and recreation areas on all federal lands to allow a minimum of two nights of free camping for active military, reserves and their immediate families, providing space is available.
Reservations would be required at all parks. This includes Nat’l and US Forest Svc Parks, BLM lands, RV parks/campgrounds owned by the military, and more.
Complimentary access to our national lands, the joys that a camping/RV vacation can provide, helping build and restore family bonds and make memories that last a lifetime is one small but significant way we can say ‘thank you for your service’.

Please visit the petition at http://wh.gov/nL8. In order to sign it you must register with your name and email address and must confirm your email address via a confirmation email message from the site. Once registered you may add your name to the support of this request. 

Feel free to share this link with everyone you know and encourage them to support our troops in this small but significant way.

Thanks for your support...together our voices are loud and clear. 

Happy camping - Evanne 
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