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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Celebration Food Quiz + Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Chances are many of us – RVers or not – are busy preparing for our New Year’s Eve celebration. If you are staying in, perhaps you are planning a buffet or intimate gathering. Going out? Maybe you’ve been asked to bring an appetizer or dessert. Either way, enjoy this nifty New Year's Celebration Food Quiz…guaranteed to stir up good party conversation. (Champagne cocktail recipe half way down the quiz.) Give it a go and see how you fare:

1. What traditional food do Asians eat on New Year’s Day?

a. snow peas
b. long noodles
c. wonton soup

2. Which of the following is not eaten to symbolize a financially prosperous New Year?

a. cabbage
b. lentils
c. chicken

3. In Mt Olive, NC New Year's is ushered in with a New Year’s Eve _______ Drop

a. pickle
b. green olive
c. sweet potato

4. In what country is it customary to leave a little bit of each food on your plate past midnight to guarantee a stocked pantry in the New Year?

a. Germany
b. Italy
c. Australia

5. If you're superstitious, which of the following would you avoid eating on New Year's?

a. lobster
b. steak
c. fish

6. What fruit do New Year's revelers in Spain eat at the stroke of midnight?

a. oranges
b. grapes
c. pears

7. A traditional way to ward off evil spirits at the stroke of midnight:

a. eat a bug
b. bang pots and pans together
c. go to bed at 11:59pm

Before we get to the answers, here's a simple and elegant champagne cocktail - 3 parts champagne and one part fabulous fruit juice such as pomegranant, cranberry or peach. If desired, sweeten it up by dropping a sugar cube in the bottom of the glass before gently pouring. 

Okay, let's see how you did:

1. b - In Asian celebrations, long noodles are eaten to bring long life...but don't break the noodle before it's completely in your mouth!

2. c - Chickens scratch backwards, which could cause regret or dwelling on the past. Another theory warns against eating any winged fowl because good luck could fly away.

3. a - Yep, a Pickle Drop! Check out more oddball items dropped in the name of New Year's here.  

4. a - This German tradition is thought to guarantee a stocked pantry in the New Year.

5. a - Sure the backwards walking lobster might signify regression but if it's offered I'm so there.

6. b - Spaniards traditionally eat 12 grapes at midnight - one for each month of the New Year. The tradition began in 1909 as a way to consume the grape surplus in the Alicante region.

7. b - Making noise - banging pots and pans together - is believed to scare away bad luck and evil spirits. Plus, it's lots of fun...only on New Year's!

Happy New Year's to my terrific RV, camping and cooking friends. Here's to a tasty 2011!

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