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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Connect with the RV Cooking Show

Isn’t technology amazing? Today, from the comfort of our RVs we can watch what I call “RV TV” – learning about everything RV from how to maintain your rubber roof to delicious RV recipe ideas, research places we’d like to go, meet other RVers, and share our experiences from life on the road. In my eyes, the internet has brought about a virtual campfire – where we can all enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of a fireside chat with new and established friends alike without actually being there (though we do want to get there "live and in person" eventually).

Over the years I’ve made so many great RVing friends that even when we’re on opposite coasts we still connect, chat, and share in meaningful ways. Which brings me to my post subject – I want to connect with you!! In order to do so I’ve developed a variety of channels that each offer something different – something for every new RVing friend. I’m on Twitter and Facebook, then there’s the RV Cooking Show blog, and of course the RV Cooking Show website. Here’s what each one’s about:

Twitter is a neat “micro-blogging” site that asks the simple question “What are you doing right now?” and allows the answer in 140 characters or less. It’s free to sign up and easy to use. Once you’re on you have an opportunity to “follow” other users to see what’s happening in their worlds as well as “tweet” about your adventures. I use my 140 characters to share with you the best of RVing on the web via links to interesting websites and tweeple and to interact with followers. Log on to my Twitter page to read my tweets and if you like what you see please sign up and follow me.

There are over 200 million Facebook users around the world (!!) and the fastest growing demographic are those 35 and older (that would be me). Again, it’s free to use with a simple sign up and can provide you insight into your favorite company or business as well as help you maintain friendship connections (like with me at the RV Cooking Show). The RV Cooking Show has what’s known as a fan page. There I post photos, cool events (got any suggestions?), other Facebook pages I enjoy, and updates from my world. Check it out and please consider becoming a fan.

The RV Cooking Show blog is a place where I and some of my RVing friends post more in-depth (more than 140 characters) information on RVing, camping with pets, RV recipe ideas, food drives (one’s coming up soon), and general ramblings that have to do with RV travel. I appreciate your being here, reading this right now. Subscribe to blog alerts by simply clicking on the subscribe button at the top right of the page. If you have anything to add to the discussion I encourage you to leave a comment below. You can do so anonymously or sign up/in and use your “handle”. Either way, your voice matters to me and other readers, too.

Then there’s the RV Cooking Show website. Recently revamped (do you like what you see?) it’s there that you can view the entire collection of RV Cooking Show episodes, print out RV recipes and checklists, get more information on Young Fulltime RVing, tell me what you think by participating in a poll, or simply click on a button to send me an email directly. I read each and every one of them and do my best to respond. You can sign up for my newsletter (I do not share email addresses with anyone - ever!!!) and I’ll send you a newsy notification when a new show is posted.

I’ll bet we’re a lot alike…the more friends the better life is. I find your stories – where you came from, what you are doing, RV recipes that you love, how RVing fits into your lifestyle, and your hopes and dreams – an inspiration. Your friendship is an honor and I thank you for being so generous with it and kind to me.

See you online, pal o’mine…and maybe in the camp – who knows – we RVers get around!!

RV Cooking Show

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RV Travel Clothes Packing - Light not Tight

Because I am a full time RVer and my mail must be forwarded to my current location (wherever that may be) I don’t subscribe to magazines or catalogs. But when I received my mail last week I was tickled to see a Tilley Endurables catalog that snuck in amongst the envelopes. Have you heard of Tilley hats? I’m quite a fan and enjoy the travel ramblings and resources provided by Canadian Alex Tilley.

My husband got his Tilley as a well-earned reward at the end of a very busy summer season. He’d been looking for a versatile, good looking, high-quality hat and found the perfect solution in a small hat shop in Provincetown on Cape Cod. It’s been a great hat but didn’t fare so well when, as a recommended option, was washed in the washing machine. Fortunately for him, the Tilley is guaranteed for life. A productive call to Tilley resulted in the service rep asking him to roll it up, pop it into an envelope and mail it back. In less than a week he had a brand new replacement. It’s a real winner…but I digress…

As I thumbed through the catalog I came across a concept that is by no means new or a Tilley invention but intriguing just the same…they call it Travel Light, Travel Happy – 10 pieces will take you there. The idea is to coordinate 10 all-around, mix and match pieces of clothing that will make a myriad of outfits to serve all your travel fashion needs. Yes, I know, as a fulltimer I always have everything with me…except when I take off for the summer in my little RV Cooking Show Tango Travel Trailer (Wanna see how they make Tangos? Click here for a virtual factory tour!). In that instance I have to scale down from 31’ to 20’ – much easier and more enjoyable to poke around the country with but, well, space is limited.

I think I’m going to give the 10 piece thing a go but perhaps double it due to the length of time I’ll be away from the mother ship – my fifth wheel – and add a dressier piece or two just in case.

So, here’s what they recommend (and I think it would work just terrific for a two week vacation or adjusted for a business trip):

1 pair of pants
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of capris or all around skirt (can serve as dressy)

2 T-shirts
2 short sleeve button down tops

1 long sleeve button down top
1 cardigan
1 jacket

To that I think I’ll add:

Another pair of shorts and another pair of capris (2 pcs), an easy to dress up or down dress (1 pc), three tank tops (3 pcs), three long sleeve T-shirts (3 pcs), and a sweatshirt (1 pc).

I’m really excited to see how this goes. Last summer I jammed the little camper full and was absolutely shocked when I transferred my clothing back to the big one – there were several items – several – that never saw the light of day. Heck, that could have been more room for my cooking utensils, specialties items, and general goodies. Live and learn.

Do you have a packing tip or trick? Leave a comment so we can all travel a little more lightly – saving fuel, space, and peace of mind.

Happy camping - Evanne
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Strawberry Pie - RV Recipe

A terrific Easter dessert or an everyday sweet treat...

With spring comes luscious, juicy strawberries. One of my favorite ways to celebrate strawberry season is to make a tasty strawberry pie. If you haven't had this easy dessert (I know it's easy because me...a non-baker can even make it!) I strongly suggest you get yourself to the local farmers market, find some just picked strawberries and make this easy no-bake pie recipe...complements of your friends at the RV Cooking Show.

Here's the Easy Strawberry Pie recipe:

2 cups water
1 large package of strawberry jello
31/2 -4 T cornstarch
1 cup sugar

2 pints of strawberries - sliced (green caps removed, of course)

6 or 7 stunning strawberries for garnish

baked pie crust (holds together like a real pie)
Oreo Cookie crust from the grocery baking aisle (slices of pie more like a crumble but oh so good!)

whipped cream (make your own with my recipe below)

Combine first 4 ingredients (water through sugar) in a medium sauce pan and heat over medium high heat. Stir well to dissolve. Bring to a boil and cook until thickened - no more than 5 minutes. Remove from stovetop and cool (in sauce pan).

When gel mix is cool to the touch add sliced strawberries. Mix well and fill pie crust. Allow pie to cool completely.

Whipped Cream recipe:

1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
1 t real vanilla extract
1-2 T powdered sugar - to taste

Place all ingredients in a small cool metal mixing bowl (if you have - if not any small mixing bowl will do). Using your electric beater beat on high or using a hand whip beat vigorously until the cream forms medium to stiff peaks.

Serve the pie with a side of whipped cream topped with a strawberry to garnish.

Give this a try and let me know what you think. I already know what my neighbor Kenny thinks!! It's delicious!!

Happy springtime,


Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 RV Kitchen Storage Solutions

Guest contributor Kay Hasty

As a longtime fulltime RVer (12 years), I’ve found that organization in the RV kitchen is key to easy meal preparation as well as very helpful in keeping everything in its place and a snap to find. It also makes RV cooking fun! Over the years I’ve collected a wide variety of plastic containers – mostly rectangular – to store pasta, rice, sugar – even cereal. In my experience, the rectangular containers store in cabinets more efficiently than round containers do.

In this RV Cooking Show blog entry I thought I’d share with you my “top 10” RV kitchen storage solutions, tips and tricks:

1. Sugar and flour stores really well in plastic rectangular containers. I like the Tucker brand found at The Container Store.

2. My spaghetti is kept in a round Rubbermaid container with a lid that actually measures servings. I keep it in the pull-out rack of my pantry.

3. Tupperware comes in many shapes and sizes and seems to last forever. I’m still using some very old Tupperware containers for dry food storage.

4. Wal-Mart sells containers that are specifically designed for storing dry cereal. Having had ants sneak into cereal boxes prompted this choice. Have you had THAT RV experience yet?

5. Another Container Store find was a multi-sectioned plastic box. I keep various types of crackers in this box. This container, accompanied by a dip, transports nicely to an outdoor neighborhood “happy hour”.

6. While I have several spice racks I just don’t seem to have enough spice rack storage space. I use plastic baskets (rectangular, of course!) for storing additional spices. The height of the basket sides helps me quickly identify and locate what I’m looking for.

7. One basket that I use is just the right size for storing all my kitchen wraps and bags. Love that!

8. Many RV kitchen cabinets are tall inside and there is so much wasted space. I use rubber-covered metal shelves with legs and secure them inside the cabinets to provide extra, usable shelving for pots and pans, dishware, etc.

9. When I put a food product into a container I snip the directions off the box and tape it to the top of the container.

10. I label the visible front of my containers according to its contents using a piece of masking tape and a black Sharpie marker.

I’m amazed at how many utensils, gadgets, staples, herbs and spices, etc. I have found space for in my 5th wheel kitchen. Kitchen organization has been an on-going, fun project.

No matter how long I’ve been on the road I’m always on the lookout for new RV kitchen ideas. What do you do to take advantage of your galley space or to organize your cupboards? Share a comment below so everyone sitting around this “virtual campfire” can benefit from your experience!

See you on the road,


PS - Check out the RV Pots & Pans & Warm Tortellini Salad RV Cooking Show episode and peek inside Evanne's RV kitchen! She even has an RV Pots & Pans Checklist for you!

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