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Thursday, May 22, 2008

8 Full-timing Years Today!!

Today is my and my husband's 8 year anniversary "on the road". We began our full-time adventure from Portland, Oregon - eager to escape the cool, rainy weather. Our original intent was to tour about until we found a place we wanted to "settle" in...and go figure, 8 years later we still haven't come across that elusive location. Don't get me wrong, we've fallen in love with many places - Maine, the Florida Keys, Port Aransas, Morro Bay to name some (but not nearly all) - but it always seems that after a couple months the old hitch-itch returns no matter how spectacular the area. We've learned that it's much better to leave a place wanting more rather than use it up and not want to return.

The way we see it we've been in "RV school" all this time - beginning, as any kid does, in kindergarten - learning the basics. After these eventful 8 years we're perhaps in high school - still tons to learn but some great adventures and experience behind us.

Some things have changed while others have remained the same. RVers are still the friendliest bunch...always willing to give a hand, share advice or chat about wonderful things to do, see and (my favorite) eat. We still love the adventure of going somewhere new - that never gets old. We're consistently amazed that in the evenings, when we close our blinds, we could have any number of awe-inspiring views just out the window. Of course, and as to be expected, costs have risen but to us it's still preferable to owning and maintaining a stick home.

Tomorrow we celebrate 8 years and 1 day. Life couldn't be better!

Take a look at the first in a series of "Young Full-time RVers" videos here. You may find it interesting.

Drop a line below if you have any comments, questions or simply observations about full-time RVing. I'll be on the lookout for you!

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The Camping Tipster said...

Love your blog and your show. We get lots of RV-ers trough St. George, Utah. Have you been through here? Love to invite you this way. It's fun to read about yoru adventures.

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