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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small Town USA Police & Fire Log

There’s nothing funny about crime but you might not realize this by reading this local small town paper’s police and fire log. Let me share a few entries with you and see if you don’t at least chuckle…

Crash: Police responded to the 2600 block of XXX where a woman, 70, got into a tussle with a chain link fence. No injuries were reported but the fence will no doubt need some rehab.

Cigs: Police cited a juvenile boy or girl in the 1100 block of XXX for possession of tobacco, a hanging offense in these parts.

Theft: Police arrested a juvenile boy or girl for shoplifting in the 900 block of XXX, but at least they weren’t smoking.

Fraud: Someone in the 2700 block of XXX reported fraudulent use of his Vallero gas credit card back on April Fool’s Day, but with the price of gas, who’s the joke really on?

Ah, don’t you love life in a small town??

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