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Monday, June 2, 2008

Stocking Your RV Pantry

One of the true pleasures of RVing is the ability to prepare and enjoy meals in beautiful settings, with ones we love, at our own pace. Having a well-stocked pantry offers options and ideas – an opportunity to entertain new-found friends, satisfy a craving or create a culinary sensation.

When considering what you should stock in your RV kitchen think about your cooking habits, likes, and dislikes. Chances are if you never use coconut milk at home you probably won’t use it when traveling in your camper. Be space and weight smart – buy and bring what you most likely will use. Think about the spices you cook with, popular condiments, mixes, and canned goods. Plan to bake? Love to grill? Shop accordingly.

The best thing about a pantry is that you can stock it and forget it (except for spices). As long as packages are not opened for the most part they will stay fresh. Prior to hitting the road (or perhaps when you arrive at your destination) you’ll shop for fresh and frozen foods. Your pantry staples will turn a pound of meat or a basket of veggies into a wonderful meal or snack.

Below is my abbreviated RV kitchen pantry list. Copy the list to a working document, add (I’m not a baker – adjust as needed), delete, print and poof!! – your very own, personal RV kitchen shopping list…


Keep in mind that spices last a maximum of one year so stock only what you think you’ll use. Store in a cool, dark, dry location and give them the sniff test prior to using to assure flavor and freshness.

salt/pepper grinders
garlic powder
chili pepper
chili powder
blackening powder
Williams No-Salt Chili spice (dry)

Spice mixes such as the following make great marinades and are excellent to simply sprinkle on. The varieties at the store are endless.

Caribbean Jerk spice (dry)
Montreal Chicken/Steak spice (dry)
Old Bay Seasoning (dry)

Canned Goods:

whole tomatoes
tomato sauce/paste
spaghetti sauce
beans (of all varieties – even baked)
artichoke hearts
vegetables (to compliment my frozen assortment)
olives – black and green
roasted red peppers
peanut butter
coconut milk (yep, I love it!)
Cream of Mushroom soup
chicken broth (I like the shelf stable boxes)


olive oil (extra virgin)
canola oil (expeller pressed)
dark roasted sesame oil (FYI - goes rancid quickly)
non-stick cooking spray
vinegars (red wine, rice, apple cider, champagne, etc.)
BBQ sauce
Tabasco/hot sauce

Dry Goods:

rice (of all varieties)
rice mixes/blends
soba/udon noodles
whole wheat cous cous
polenta (corn grits)
mac n cheese
corn bread mix (or other breads) in a box
salad dressing mix (dry)
nuts (of all varieties)
raisins/dried fruit
non-crystallized ginger
popcorn kernels
sports/nature bars (my personal fav – Lara Bars – amazing!)
baking powder
corn starch
sugar (white and brown)
tea bags (several varieties)

And, whatever you do, don’t forget to make copies of your favorite recipes to leave in the RV!! Happy camping!!

RV Cooking Show

PS - Yes, all of this DOES fit in my Tango galley - that was a pre-requisite!! I couldn't live without even one of the mentioned items :>

1 comment:

Charlotte G. said...

This is a terrific pantry list. I have updated mine to include your items. At the end where you mention using a copy to keep in the camper, I wanted to throw out an idea for you.

I use a cheap $1.00 photo album, 3x5 index cards to make recipes of things we enjoy when camping. I keep the pantry list inside the cover and the inside of my seasonings cabinet door. Easy peazy!

Thanks, again, for the great ideas. Charlotte, Mooresville, IN.

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