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Thursday, July 10, 2008

RV Cooking Show Tango Report

Well, it’s been about two months since we moved into our new RV Cooking Show Tango Travel Trailer and I’m happy to report that life is very good. Truth be told, it was an adjustment moving from a 31’ double slide fifth wheel to a 23’ travel trailer – no slides. The great news is that the Tango has plenty of cabinet and storage space. We chose what to bring judiciously and have, for the most part, been happy with what we brought and what we left in the fiver. The kitchen is just as functional and roomy as the one in the fifth wheel and the bathroom/shower is plentiful as well.

Once we got used to where things were and how to navigate inside when we’re both trying to move about we began to really enjoy the nimble-ness of a smaller camper. We’ve noticed that there’s almost always room at the campground for a 23’ unit. We’re traveling smaller roads and stopping along the way at roadside attractions and parks. I am delighted to report we are getting a good 12-15% better fuel mileage pulling a lighter rig.

The smaller camper is a pleasure to drive, a cinch to park (sites seem so much larger now!!), set up is really swift – it takes less than half the time the fiver does, it’s easy to cool and heat and did I mention it’s cozy??

Lots of other campers stop to chat and it’s always such fun! When we tell them we are full-timing in the Tango they are always amused – they point and say “in that!?!”. We are loving traveling, site-seeing, meeting new friends, visiting old friends, trying local taste sensations, and cooking up a storm in our RV Cooking Show camper. We hope to see you on the road. If you happen to spy the RV Cooking Show Tango come on over and say hello…it is a small world!!

Traveling on Idaho's Lewis and Clark Trail - US Highway 12

In the meantime, we just posted another episode of the RV Cooking Show – Oh My Gosh! Steak on the Grill and Beautiful Bend, Oregon. Check it out and let me know what you think!

RV Cooking Show

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