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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Future Full-Time RVer Asks About RV Clubs, Trailer/Truck Combo Weights and More

I recently received an email from a future full-time RVer and thought it might be useful to post it here as lots of the information seems relevant to many of us. Hope you get a thing or two out of it.

Subject: Going Full-Timing

Hi Evanne,

I'm looking for a good site about going full time in the winter and summer at any place. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Looking for a 5th wheel - what would you think would help me in four-season camping (the biggest I can get) and what would you say the size of truck I would need?



I’d recommend looking at the Escapees Club website for tons of full-time RV info. They are one of largest full-time RVer clubs around and offer plenty of benefits – including a fantastic mail forwarding service. Here’s their website: www.Escapees.com. Typically we full-timers spend winters in the warm sunny south and summers everywhere else.

As for an RV – start by checking out some online sales sites such as www.RVsearch.com or www.RVSales.com. These will give you an idea of what’s out there and the prices you can expect to pay. Once you have an idea of what might work for you head out to a local dealer or RV show and get inside your models of choice. Here’s a listing of upcoming RV shows: www.rvia.org/AM/customsource/INCL_Shows.cfm?section=local_shows&all=1.

If you’ll be anywhere near Yuma, AZ this January plan to spend a few days at the Quartzsite RV Show – a flea market of sorts with everything and anything an RVer might want or need - www.quartzsitervshow.com.

Regarding a truck and trailer combo – always…ALWAYS buy a bigger truck that you think you’ll need. Never…NEVER rely upon the salesmen’s recommendations – they are salesmen not towing specialists. Instead, take a look at Trailer Life’s towing guides here - www.trailerlife.com/output.cfm?id=42175. This site will give you PDFs for 1999 to 2008 model vehicles.

Best to you – very exciting! Let me know how things turn out, okay?

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Mike and Pat McFall said...

Hi Evanne,

Just found your Blog....will be checking it for updates.

Take care and Safe Travels,

Pat (and Mike)

sarah said...

Thanks for the blog...lot of information there and nice website too..
RV camping can also help you.
Happy camping!!!!

Ambreen Tariq said...

its always good to join rv clubs, as one get all the information he needed. plus one also stay informed about the new happenings of the industry.

azra munir said...

i am planning to be a full time visitor of Kansas Campgrounds and was thinking what to do and where to register myself. so in this matter, your post is quite nice, as it give full direction what to do and where to get needed information.

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