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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 11 Free (or Almost Free) and Fun Things to Do When RVing (or even at home)

Hi RV Cooking Show blog readers,

I'll bet you'd agree...we RVers are a fun loving bunch that relish doing, seeing, and experiencing while saving. After all, there's so much going on and much of it's free (or costs very little). Below I'm delighted to offer my Top 10 - make that 11 - Free and Fun Things to Do When RVing.

1. Take a walk in nature – breathe deep, walk softly, and observe your surroundings.

2. Take lots of digital photographs (works best as a freebie if you already own a digital camera) and share with friends and family.

3. Visit museums on their free days – most have at least one a month.

4. Visit state capitals and take in the grandeur, occasional tours, art exhibits and history lessons.

5. Take a factory tour – sometimes you’ll even enjoy bonus samples.

6. Visit wine country and sample some of your favorite – or new – varietals (but assign a designated driver – those “sips” can really add up!).

7. Pack a picnic and spend an afternoon at a local park relaxing, eating, talking, reading, exploring, daydreaming…did I mention relaxing?

8. Window shop a fancy part of town. End the afternoon with a cup of coffee, tea or other refreshing beverage in said “fancy part of town”.

9. Check the local paper for free community events including concerts in the park, lectures, plays, etc.

10. Shop a local farmer’s market and chat with the folks selling the fruits and veggies. Pick up something “new to you” and ask them how to prepare it – then go home and try it.

11. Visit your local library and check out a few movies, make some popcorn, set up the TV outside the camper and have a date night or family gathering under the stars.

What else free and fun can you think of? Please do share!! Leave a comment below for everyone to enjoy!


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