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Monday, September 21, 2009

RV Park and Campground Libraries

One of the first things that I do when I get my camper setup in an RV park or campground is scout out the clubhouse. I’m interested in the restrooms, pool area and laundry but my real mission is to find the library. Library??? Yes, indeed. RVers often have a voracious reading habit and minimal storage space. Agree?

Find the library (sometimes in the laundry room) and you may find magazines, books, videos, games, puzzles, newspapers and more. It works like this – take one, leave one or borrow and return one. At the very least, book and magazine exchanges can be found at almost every park. The titles you’ll find in the camp’s library are as varietous as a big city library – magazines from Oprah to Popular Mechanics to Smithsonian to Highways, both fiction and non-fiction books - medical, travel, suspense, romance, etc. and often puzzles of every challenge level.

Occasionally you’ll run across an RV park or campground library that offers videos and/or DVDs. You may be asked to sign them out – after all, RVers work on the honor system – but chances are you’ll find an interesting selection for your enjoyment. Videos are usually not for exchange but donations to the collection are always welcome. Borrow them for a day or two – free - but please remember to return them. Games follow the same procedure and are for everyone’s enjoyment.

Perhaps you are an RVer and a reader interested in an exchange. Before you leave home gather up the magazines, books, videos, games, etc. you’ve already enjoyed and plan to visit camp libraries everywhere you stop. Don’t worry if they aren’t the latest and greatest. Not always are the magazines current but the content is as valuable as the day it came out. Recipes are still tasty, motivational advice still gets me revved, touching family stories still move me.

I always try to have a few good books on hand in the rig to exchange. You don’t have to exchange in the same genre, either. As I entered Idaho on my way to the Olympic Peninsula I was in search of a fairly recent (within 3 years) AAA Pacific Northwest Travel Guide. I found not only one but three for exchange and traded a novel for the AAA book that was in the best condition. Sometimes I find a cookbook or simple living guide that I think is too good to pass up. It’s those moments that I’m glad I have exchanges on hand.

Some of the very best RV park libraries I’ve run across are those in the Escapees parks or other seasonal or residential parks. Please respect their rules and requests when it comes to “reference” items. Believe it or not, they may have a “reference only” section – not for exchange. Who knew??

So, when packing up your fine home-away-from-home, bring along your “used” books, magazines or other entertainment items and know that more often than not interesting material is at hand – add or exchange as you see fit!!

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Jim and Bobbie said...

In the summer my husband and I are camphosts in a national forest in Colorado. Having worked in libraries for years, I always set up a box of books outside my rig with a sign "campground library - take one - bring one". Bobbie

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