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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serve up a spooky “Monster Buffet” for squeamish Halloween party pleasure

Are you having a Halloween party and looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to entertain your guests of all ages? How about hosting a “monster buffet”…sure to satisfy monsters of all shapes and sizes. This buffet isn’t to dine on, though. Instead, it’s creepy, crawly, touchy, feely scrumptious party fun. Your guests will walk down the “buffet” line, getting a good feel of “eyeballs”, “guts”, “a shrunken head”, “snot”, and more…your imagination is the limit.

Here’s how it works:

Prepare a station of six or seven ghoulish experiences along a rectangular table or countertop. Visit the dollar store and purchase plastic pumpkin candy totes – like children use for trick or treat – one for each station. Each pumpkin will contain one “buffet” item. Consider:

Black olives = eyeballs
Cooked spaghetti coated generously with oil = guts
Small, hairy coconut = shrunken head
Cornstarch slime = snot (here's how to make snot - use green food coloring)
Baby carrots (leave out and allow to dry a bit) = fingers
Ripe mango = heart
Corn meal = ground bones
Ears = dried apricots
Large pickle end = nose
Popcorn kernels = teeth
Wet yarn = hair

Cover the top of each container so guests cannot see inside. Label each station with what’s inside (guts, eyeballs, snot, etc.). Have a few “crypt keepers” behind the table to help guests and discourage peeking.

Invite guests to walk the line, reaching into each pumpkin container and getting a good feel of the contents. Be sure to provide plenty of napkins or paper towels (and perhaps even a bucket of clean water) for guests to use to clean up at the end of the “buffet” line.

Tip: Avoid using any type of meat product or other item that may be unsanitary.

Enjoy this good clean fun…guaranteed to gross out even the most wicked monsters among us! Delish!!

Let me know how it goes...what you used...party goer reactions...right here on the RV Cooking Show blog...


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