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Thursday, November 19, 2009

RV Campsite Party Light

ALERT: This would make a terrific holiday gift for your favorite RV, garden, or outdoor lover!!

Whether you’re out there camping, have a reservation for your next RV trip on the books or are simply dreaming about going RVing it’s always a pleasure to create a useful, unique camping craft to take along. If you’ve ever taken a walk around a campground at night chances are you’ve seen what I like to call “RV party lights”. They come large and small – hanging on a plant hook, off a rig or strung together on an awning.

I was first introduced to this kitschy must-have camp item at my very first RV rally – the Trailblazers. Upon winning a raffle I was offered a choice of prizes. My eyes immediately locked on to the colorful – and practical – RV party light. From then on my husband and I were hooked. We made them for ourselves, we made them for our neighbors, we made them for visiting friends. Fun stuff!! Based on a request from an RV Cooking Show fan, I’d like to share with you the how-to’s of making a cheery RV party light.

The RV party light will be a colorful, low-light source. Imagine an embossed planter turned upside down and embellished with see-through colorful beads in an eye-pleasing design. If desired, theme your RV party light. I’ve seen USA, Christmas, flower garden, and seashore themes to name a few. Let your imagination run wild and hey, send us a photo of your completed party light, okay?!?!

Supplies Needed

• Hard Plastic Embossed Planter with saucer (drip catcher) – light color – size of your choice (Walmart usually stocks a selection)
• Acrylic Beads – a variety of sizes, shapes and colors (I like multi-colored but you can certainly go with a color theme matching your RV, a holiday, etc.)
Starburst 12-25mm
Tri-beads 11mm
Faceted Rounds 8mm
Faceted Rondelles 6mm
• 4 1 ½ x 8 brass drywall screws
• Medium base, keyless lamp socket with 6-foot power cord
• 60 watt light bulb

Other Items Needed

• Drill with 1/8, 3/16 and 3/8 inch drill bits
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Here’s What You Do

Step 1 – Create a bead design on the outside of the planter. Mark with small dots.

Step 2 – Remove the saucer (drip catcher) and using your 3/8 inch bit, drill a hole for the socket threads in the center of the bottom of the planter. Drill 3 evenly spaced vent holes an inch or more out (depending on the size of your planter) from the socket hole for heat ventilation.

Step 3 – Using the 3/16 inch bit, drill holes on the outside of the planter corresponding with your marked bead design.

Step 4 – Using the 1/8 inch bit, drill 4 evenly spaced holes around the top outside edge of pot (which will be the bottom of the light) approximately a ½ inch down from the edge. Drill 4 matching holes (must line up with planter holes) in the saucer (drip catcher) piece – sitting right side up.

Steps 5 – Using your hot glue gun attach the beads on the outside of the planter over the drilled bead design holes (so light can sparkle through).

Step 6 – Install the lamp socket inside the planter. Screw in the light bulb. Test to make sure it works.

Step 7 – Assemble the saucer (drip catcher) “base” with the 4 drywall screws. The saucer (drip catcher) piece should be smaller and fit inside the mouth of the planter – which is now upside down - the saucer (drip catcher) is right side up.

Step 8 – Hang your RV party light, plug-in and enjoy!!

Some safety notes: Never leave the party light unattended – always unplug it when you go inside or away for the evening. Don’t leave it out in the rain – the lamp socket is not weatherproof. Keep it clean and free of cobwebs, fallen leaves or anything else that may be combustible. Use common sense safety rules.

Feel free to send me a message or post a note on the blog if you need help, suggestions or have a comment.

Follow these easy and simple directions and you, too, will become an RV party light lover!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of this? This sounds really neat. I'm looking for practical rv themed party decorations (rare to find!), and this just might work!

RVCookingShow - Evanne said...

Yes, you can find pix on the RV Cooking Show Facebook page here:


And indeed, it is really cool!


Unknown said...

We used to make lamps similar to yours-we placed our beads on the inside, snapped into the drilled holes. We haven't been able to find these plastic pots for years.....Have you gotten any recently?


RVCookingShow - Evanne said...

Hi Judy,

Hmmm, I'm going to Walmart this afternoon. They've always been the place to pick up those pots. I'll check it out and post here later.


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