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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 RV Resolutions – a Roadmap

So here we are, a week-plus into the new year, and I’m wondering about your resolutions. Specifically your 2010 RV resolutions. After all, RVing is an exciting topic – it’s easy to dream about hitting the open road, seeing old friends and making new ones, experiencing the great outdoors…the freedom of an RV getaway. Did you make any RV resolutions this year??

Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that resolutions, goals, objectives...whatever you want to call them – must be specific and obtainable, in writing, include action items, and reviewed frequently.

“I’d like to travel more” or “fix up the camper” may not cut it. Begin by realistically reviewing last year…did you have RV resolutions at the start of ’09? What worked? What didn’t? Why? Once you’ve thought through the past year you’ll have a better idea of what to shoot for in 2010 and how to approach it.

Using the “travel more” example here’s how your RV travel resolution might look:

Take the camper out 4 times in 2010

To accomplish this I’ll:

• Talk to my family about their RV travel desires
• Research destinations within a 100 mile radius of my home
• Explore events, festivals, and activities in those destinations
• Surf the internet and ask friends about RV parks and campgrounds
• Create an RV travel fund – setting aside $XX/week

Even if you are a fulltime RVer (and even if you are not) there are plenty of topics you can “riff” resolutions on:

• Theme-travel
• Connecting with family and friends
• Green RVing
• Volunteer programs
• Sharing your travels
• RV/camper projects

The list is as rich as your imagination. With RV travel as the topic it’s not too difficult to quickly identify what RV-specific goals you want to focus on in 2010. Make a date with yourself to review your RV travel goals at least once every other month. Revise them if you must…it’s your life and circumstances change. No pressure.

I thought I’d share a few of my 2010 RV resolutions…my RV roadmap for an exciting and successful 2010. Some of these are personal and some are professional and I’ve only listed the general goal – not the action items:

• Embark upon a bicycle theme this year – specifically rails-to-trails
• Explore the concept of food as medicine
• Seek out new ways to further green my RVing lifestyle
• Recarpet my RV
• Communicate with RV Cooking Show viewers and readers weekly
• Continue to bring value to RV Cooking Show viewers and readers via new concepts, web extras, inside scoops, etc.

Here’s to a healthy 2010 full of safe and exciting RV travels, friends at every stop, and delicious dishes in your RV kitchen!!

If you have some 2010 RV resolutions to share I'd love to hear them. It's always fun to exchange ideas. Leave a comment below.

I hope to see YOU on the road this year!!


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md said...
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Woody Plus 2 said...

Hi Evanne, my husband and I are going to start our Full time RV life this year. We are both working full time very busy jobs right now and there is so much we have to do to lead up to our retirement in July that we are a bit overwhelmed! We have to put our house up for sale and literally sell everything and store a few things.We live in Canada and are going to become snowbirds leaving to go south in October. Do you have any words of wisdom for us? Things we must do that we may not have thought of. We would appreciate any help.

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