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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VW 5th Wheel Shadow Camper Package...Circa '74

Attention RV owners and dreamers…are you looking for a weekend trek to a “not too distant Shangri-la”? Direct from the trailer state of Indiana, here’s a snappy solution…circa 1974. You know how small spaces can make us campers cranky…"we suggest the occupants be friendly," okay?

Look out…this short RV video will have you grinning from ear to ear, make you say groovy…and most likely both! It really is far out.

Remember, drive carefully, show a little courtesy and you’ll have a much happier trip…bye, bye.

Did you know that 2010 celebrates the RV Centennial - 100 wonderful wandering years!


Teri said...

I definitely want one. Wouldn't it be a hoot to drive?

Tito said...

That's really cool. Why go big right? I had a 1970 VW camper and loved it. I had never even heard of this "mini car" 5th wheel. Cool!

Unknown said...

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Mike Parker said...

Harmon Industries in Warrensburg, MO actually produced these campers for a couple of years and they were a lot nicer than the one in the video. My dad worked for the company and we owned one around 1973-74, we pulled it with a Toyota Celica. The 70's oil embargo doomed the RV industry at that time. Harmon industries quit manufacturing them and concentrated on its Railroad Electronics division. My dad worked for them for 37 years. Harmon Industries was bought by GE around 2002.

NikiRose said...

Mike Parker, I would love to talk to you about these campers. I just bought a Shadow and want to restore it. I would love to know more so I can restore it to original. Please contact me if possible.
Niki Antles
Lowell, MI
caddyfinaddy@sbcglobal.net Title your e-mail Shadow camper so I don't think it is spam
616 929 9300

NikiRose said...

Mike Parker,

I just bought a shadow and want to restore it. I can't find anything or anyone on the internet that knows anything about them except maybe you. Please contact me I would love to talk and get some information on them so I can do as much original as possible
Thanks Niki sweetbrierfarm@gmail.com title your e-mail Shadow trailer so I don't think it is spam

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