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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gotta Fly...Literally

Back in the days of my old life - bRV (before RVing) - I traveled a lot for business. It was nothing for me to whip out the 'ol carry on, fill it up with the standard business attire and find a long term parking spot. I could do it in my sleep (think I did so once or twice).

Fast forward several years later and my preferred mode of travel is the open road. Except this upcoming week I have a business commitment that requires me to fly - yep, the friendly skies - to Wisconsin. Which got me thinking...

RV travel is fantastic. You make your own schedule - leave when you want, stop for lunch when you're hungry, "get there" when you feel like it and sleep in your own bed. Not to mention the packing (shouldn't that be a four letter word?). Inevitably, and even for this two night trip, I pack more than I leave behind...just in case. You know the feeling. It might be "fill in the blank" (warm, cool, wet, pooltime, etc.). Of course, in my RV I'm always prepared for any situation that may arise - from walking the beach to making a snowman.

In our RV we travel with folks we know and love. If they are sick, well, we give 'em a smooch anyways. We are responsible for the route we take and oxygen is plentiful just outside the window. Nothing beats arriving at a campground, getting parked, firing up the bbq, cracking a cold one (be it a beer, pop or sparkling water) and making friends with our temporary neighbors.

Sure, I'll get up at the crack of dawn, empty my pockets and remove my shoes at security, hoist my carry on into the overhead compartment and promptly - after following along with the aircraft safety instructions - take a snooze...dreaming of my next RV adventure. You??

Happy travels,

RV Cooking Show

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