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Friday, April 18, 2008

Foodscapes by Carl Warner Feed the Soul

What better art for a foodie than UK photographer Carl Warner's intricate food landscapes. If you haven't been on the receiving end of one of these photo-filled emails prepare to feast your eyes!!!

The official name of this photographic series is called Foodscapes. Warner first sketches the concept then, with his studio team of model makers and food stylists, each composition is created, lit and photographed in layers. It takes about 2-3 days to build and shoot the "set". The resulting images are then compiled via technology in 1-2 days. Please click on the photos for a larger, more detailed image.

1. Coconut Haystacks

© Carl Warner

2. Parmesan Cliffs

© Carl Warner - A sea cliff made of Parmigiano cheese, potatoes and cabbage

3. Cabbage Sea

© Carl Warner - A boat made of watermelon, peas, olives and asparagus plough through a stormy seas made of radicchio salad

4. Carl at work in his studio...

and the result...Salami Road. This shot - 1 in a series of 3 - was used as an advertisement by Negroni, one of the finest italian producers of cold cuts.

© Carl Warner

Watch an interview Warner did on the UK's Richard and Judy show in January 08:

Visit Carl's website (to use this link hover your mouse over the boxes until you find "Fotographics" then click - next hover on the cases clicking on "Foodscapes") to view all of his impressive Foodscapes.

If you happen to be in London you can even visit his studio. I'd call ahead...and definitely have lunch first!!

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