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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SMEV is a Superstar

After watching the last episode – Port Aransas, TX and Shrimp and Asparagus, several sharp-eyed RV Cooking Show viewers have written me asking if I got a new range. Indeed, it’s true and she’s a beaut!! My SMEV “cooker” – as they call it – is Italian through and through and is the closest thing to a professional appliance as an RV can get. I understand that SMEV is practically the standard in European and Australian “caravans” (RVs to us Americans) and is getting plenty of attention here in the USA. In fact, Airstream uses SMEVs cook tops and sinks.

A single glance at the SMEV and I was in love. My model – a 400 series cooker – is stainless steel, has 4 burners on the cook top, a broiler grill just below the cook top, and a roomy oven on the bottom. The oven has a window on the oven door and a light that can be switched on and off to monitor progress. It fit nicely into the slot where my old Atwood was with only a minimal adjustment and is flush with the countertop. The “lid’ is shiny black glass and the edging all around is stainless.

There are plenty of safety features, too. If, by chance, the flame extinguishes the SMEV will recognize this and shut off the propane supply. A switch prevents the oven from lighting if the door is closed to avoid propane gas buildup. The cooker is quite a bit more fuel efficient than standard RV ranges and who doesn’t like saving “gas money”.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to try it…and I wasn’t disappointed. Interestingly, the oven temps are not identified in temperatures but by numbers 1 through 6 with 1 equaling 266 degrees and 6 equivalent to 464 degrees. There’s ample room on the cook top, it’s easy to light and the performance is fantastic. The broiler grill is a dream for broiled fish, chicken, to crisp the top of a pizza or any other broiler usage. The oven heats up beautifully and maintains its temperature throughout the cooking process by decreasing then resuming the flame instead of turning on and off. Dishes come out moist and tasty.

The oven doesn’t have an unmovable shelf above the propane burner tube but instead is a full box oven. The SMEV oven is roomy enough to cook a Thanksgiving turkey! There are two rack settings and one rack. As a bonus, the broiler pan fits into the oven just like a rack.

Look for the SMEV in my next show – Historic Georgia and Sweet Potato Fries coming out soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe on the RV Cooking Show website so you don’t miss a single episode of the RV Cooking Show. And if you can’t wait to see more SMEV visit their company website at www.SMEV.com or www.SMEVUSA.com for retail information. If you like what you see go wild… live large… ask your dealer for a SMEV…it’s delicious!!

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