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Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl RV Recipe - Clam Dip

Okay, let me start by admitting that I am not a sports fan and I believe I married the only male in America who feels the same way about the Superbowl as I do...meh. That being said, I do love a good party and am always eager to join the RV tailgate gathering - if only for the friends and the food.

About a week ago my Superbowl-shunning-sweetie offered to make his amazingly tasty clam dip. We decided not to wait for the big day but to forge ahead. It's this recipe that I'll share with you here. Make it and take it to your favorite Superbowl party or everyday potluck...and think of me!

Raymo's Jammin' Clam Dip

1 8-oz block of neufchatel cheese - softened at room temperature
1 can minced clams - drained and liquid reserved
Worcestershire sauce - 4-6 shakes to start
lemon juice

ridged chips to dip (Trader Joe's has the most divine dip chips)

In a medium-sized bowl, using a fork, mash the neufchatel cheese. Add clams and Worcestershire sauce and stir. Add appx 3/4 of the reserved clam liquid and a squeeze or two of lemon juice. Taste. Add a little more Worcestershire, clam liquid and/or lemon as desired - tasting as you go until you've found clam dip bliss. The mix will be slightly loose - no worries.

Transfer to a small serving bowl, cover and refrigerate a few hours to overnight. The dip will thicken and the flavors will meld. 

Serve with chips and enjoy!

I have to confess - I could eat the entire bowl in one sitting - I even use my finger as a spatula to get at the very last bit of this delish dip! Try it and let me know what you think.  

Go team,



Sims Family Tours and Travel Blog said...

This was an awesome dip. We served it and the Guacamole dip too!

Thanks for the great ideas and recipes for us full-timers!

Chris said...

Sounds great. I am sure to try it!

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