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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RV Tailgating: The Ultimate Parking Lot Party

Contributed by guest blogger Kristina at Excel Distributors

Football season is a great time to pack the burgers, beer, fire up the RV and head for the game… but, football season isn’t the only time for the perfect tailgate party. NASCAR races, BBQ competitions, concert festivals, and rodeo competitions are a few other season-spanning events at which to host a grand tailgate party – RV style.

Sometimes the best seats aren’t even necessarily “in” the house. These days the party begins in the parking lot with the ultimate tailgater. Delicious and easy food spreads, beverages of your choice, brewing excitement, and the joy of never having to stand in a public restroom line have inspired more and more RVers to turn their RV into the parking lot’s next party stop. Other than a weekend getaway, this is the next best way to enjoy your RV without traveling too far.

A few pointers for throwing the ultimate parking lot party, RV style:

Think Food First – All you really need is a barbecue or smoker. That is what tailgating is all about, after all. Adjust the menu to compliment the event you will be attending. Hot dogs and hamburgers can work just fine for some events or add some excitement to the menu by barbecuing ribs or steak with corn on the cob for night games or a treat before the big race. The microwave, stovetop, and fridge inside the RV make side dishes, appetizers, and proper food storage a cinch.

If you’ll be in the sun all day at an outdoor concert festival be sure to keep lots of water on hand and snacks, such as watermelon and shrimp cocktail, around the RV to stay fueled throughout the day and night.

Jazz up your spread by serving food and drinks on plates and cups in your team’s colors, style with a cowboy theme for rodeos or support your driver with his or her color and number on display at the party!

Scope Out Your Spot – The best parking lot parties happen in the best parking spots! Many professional and college football team stadiums have pre-assigned parking spaces but if you can help it, get there early and snag a spot up front to attract more high-fives from passersby and closer access to the entrance gate so you can spend as long as possible pre-partying before the big event.

Entertain In Style – Be sure to decorate your RV and surrounding area appropriately; wouldn’t want any confusion about which team you’re rooting for or which driver you support! Colorful balloons, banners, posters, flags and face paint showcase your spirit well.

Tailgate Before, During and After – The party doesn’t have to end just because the game/rodeo/concert begins! For those without tickets or those having too much fun to want to go in to the stadium, keep the party going during the event with the television (featuring the event, if possible) on and the food and drinks still plentiful. After the big show, watch highlights or postgame interviews on the TV or listen to an event recap on the radio while continuing the tailgating fun.

Leave Your Parking Area Clean – Be sure to clean up any debris, pack up all your equipment, say good-bye to tailgating neighbors, and make plans for the next event of ultimate RV parking lot partying!

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